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How do I reset my password?

To reset your password please go to your LeapFILE URL (For example, click Employee Login then "Forgot your password?" - or
We have a How-To guide here.

If your company is using Active Directory Authentication please contact your IT department directly. Typically in this case the username and password you use to login to your LeapFILE account are the same as used to login to your computer.

This account has been disabled. Please contact your administrator or customer support to enable your account.

To maintain account security and privacy, LeapFILE customer service can not enable your account. You will need to contact your internal LeapFILE account administrator directly. If you don't know who your LeapFILE administrator is (usually it's someone in your IT department) please contact customer service by sending a message below or send an email to and we'll point you to the right person!

Administrator: How to Re-enable a disabled user

Can I Access or Resend an Expired or Complete Transfer?

Your account's "File Expiration Policy" specifies the rules for transfer expiration and subsequent, irrevocable file deletion. Once a transfer is marked as "Complete" or "Expired" (check "details" next to the transfer under Incoming or Outgoing Transfers via the web app), the file(s) will have been permanently deleted from the LeapFILE server and options related to the transfer like Forward, Resend, Cancel buttons will be inactive. The file(s) will need to be resent via new transfer if this is the case.

A reminder email is sent 24 hours prior to file expiration. If the transfer is expired, please contact the sender to send the files again.

To store files for longer terms or permanently, please use the Repository or Portal features.

To change your File Expiration Policy, please login to your account (administrator rights are required) and follow this guide.

What is the Maximum File Size?

The maximum file size limit is account dependent, but can be increased by contacting your account representative if the default (typically 5-10 GB) is not sufficient.

If you are seeing errors while uploading a large file this may be browser related. Browsers actually have a default size limit for uploads, but LeapFILE has bypassed this limit by using our Java add-in which can upload any size.

LeapFILE users are also able use the (Outlook compatible) LeapFILE Desktop client which has no file size restrictions.

Security Session Expired

Whenever you enter your LeapFILE URL (for example into an internet browser and hit enter, the URL will redirect and change to something like this: or

If you bookmark or provide the redirected URL with /fts/drop/custom/Index.jsp included to another party, your link will have a unique session ID (*which expires after 30 minutes of inactivity) resulting in a security session error. To avoid this be sure to provide all users with the clean URL and make sure there is nothing trailing. Also be sure to update your bookmarks accordingly.

Note: You can find your custom LeapFILE URL by entering your email address here.

I have Account or Billing related questions

Please contact us below or send an email to with your question, and your account representative will follow up directly.

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