About LeapFILE

LeapFILE was founded in 2004 with the mission to enhance business communications and productivity with secure file delivery and file exchange. Our goal is to make exchanging business-critical files simple and secure for end users, while making management robust and compliant for administrators.

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LeapFILE, Inc.
Cupertino, CA
Business Hours: 8am to 5pm M-F (Pacific Time Zone)

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Phone: +1 (650) 701-7241
Sales: clientservices@leapfile.com
Billing: billing@leapfile.com
Support: support@leapfile.com

Our Leadership

Peter Chang

Founder & CEO

Peter Chang is the founder and CEO of Oxygen Cloud. After successfully creating LeapFILE, Peter started Oxygen in 2010 with the vision to redefine how companies use and manage content by leveraging the cloud. Peter is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.

Alex Teu

VP, Business Development

Alex is our "business" man as well as our legal counsel. Always on the lookout for new opportunities and strategic partnerships, Alex is a deep thinker who always knows the right question to ask. Subsequently, you'll often find him engaging in inspiring, philosophical dialogues around the office.

Tony Magliulo

Director, Technical Operations

Tony is our “Senior Stuff Doer” as there is very little he doesn't do around the office. He has a wealth of knowledge working in support, solutions, product management, and engineering. He is the ultimate multitasker. When he isn't acting as Jean Claude Van Damme's stunt double, you can find him sporting the best video game shirts or enjoying time with his family.

Jeff Lin

Director, Foosball

Also known as “Chewie” in the office, Jeff is the man behind the curtain that makes the product development team operate like a well-oiled machine. With a background in enterprise software, engineering, and product management, there’s no problem that escapes his interest or watchful eye. If you want to see him smile, come bearing sports gear, board games, or an old-fashioned cherry pie.

LeapFILE is a part of Oxygen Cloud

Both LeapFILE and Oxygen Cloud Enterprise reflect our core company values of providing both users and their administrators easy-to-use, fully secure, and highly flexible ways to access, share, and store files. This means you are guaranteed the same great level of product integrity and support with both products.

What is Oxygen Cloud

Oxygen Cloud's mission is to usher businesses into the cloud era and empower IT professionals to transform their companies.Many of the world’s largest banks, insurance companies, real estate firms and universities trust Oxygen to help them create incredible business agility.