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File transfer hub

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Manage your team's workflow

  • Easily set up your account with no IT needed
  • Centrally administer user permissions for team members and guests
  • Receive audit trails on all business workflow to support compliance

Centralized file transfer tracking

  • Clients can securely send you files with no registration required
  • Track any transfer sent by you and your team
  • Define delivery windows and file expiration policies for your whole team

Organize files into shared repositories

  • Easily share files with your team in one place
  • Administer user permissions when inviting your team
  • Directly save transfers from your clients and team

Portal file sharing

  • Centrally store and manage all of your client files
  • Send files securely to your clients right out of your portal
  • Manage folder and user permissions so content is organized for the right team

Enterprise Integration

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